JR Hildebrand

J.R. completed a successfrul one day test with Carpenter Fisher Hartman Racing at Barber Motorsports Park today.

“INDYCAR is where I want to be and I’ve made no bones about letting it be known that I enjoyed my experience with ECR at Indy and wanting to continue that in whatever capacity,” he said. “The team is here to bang through some things and start getting on the same page. I’m trying to help with that as much as possible and get back out here. It’s been a year and some change since I was in an IndyCar on a road course so it’s great to get back in the car and get up to speed quickly.

Josef Newgarden agreed it was a great experience sharing the track with Hildebrand.  “The cool thing was, it was nice having JR [Hildebrand] there driving, too; he’s super stout and great to work with, and then with Ed [Carpenter] there overseeing what we were doing, it really gave you a glimpse of how well things can work,” he noted. “We had a big list of items to test, and the priority was to work through that list so we can go into winter with an idea of what we’re doing on the development side for next year.  Having JR there in his car really helped and you can really build a lot of trust in what he was doing, and with me in my car, we got a lot done,” Newgarden added. “It’s all the stuff people hear about as the benefit of having two cars working together instead of doing it alone with one. It all worked really well with the two of us.”